Saturday, June 15, 2013


I hold the thoughts of you so dear to my heart. You made my childhood rich and forever magical. 

As a little girl....

I always loved your stories, and your teasing, your laugh, and our dates to Dairy Queen.

I remember loving my turn to sit next to you in your truck or that beige suburban and you'd make that funny clapping noise on my legs. You seemed just as happy as I was to be with you. Always knew (and still think) I was your favorite.

We'd wrestle you and climb on you the minute you walked in the door. You taught me to throw a football and act like I was the most amazing 7-year-old-girl quarterback.

You were so handsome to us and always treated us like perfect little ladies. You told us we were pretty and always treated us and our Mother with such respect and adoration.

I was so proud to hold your hand in public and remember the little game you'd play, squeezing once or twice, then several times. I thought that was only a signal between you and me - a special wordless way to tell me that you loved me.

You often smelled like 'work' as you always tended the yard and garden and Saturday projects. A similar smell to your Dad as I remember you two working together. Maybe mixing a bag of cement in a wheelbarrow or laying bricks or mowing the lawn. You taught us to work. I recall spending many Saturday mornings weeding with you with Mom's kitchen knives.

Looking forward to you coming home from scout camp-outs. You were always ready to give "Whisker Pies" to all the little giggly girls who adored you.

Always a special note left before you went on business trips and always brought home little treasures for each of us when you got home.

Your deep voice during scripture study and Family Home Evening. Telling us stories of your mission to Mexico and feeling the burning desire to go on one someday. FHE on the grass or on the trampoline or on bike rides. Or in the girls 'dorm-room' as we were falling off to sleep.

Christmases. Easters. April Fools. Valentines. Even Halloween. You made every moment perfect to the 't'. 

I remember you always had 'class'. Your office in the barn and the beautiful furniture you bought for Mom.

You were always teaching us. With scriptures or poems or a disciplinary squeeze to the back of the neck during Sacrament Meeting. I remember the time you called us all in to ask us WHO it was that ate the candy bar from your desk drawer. I was just so glad it wasn't me. Size thirteen shoe. I only remember being spanked by you once.

I remember going to watch you play Church basketball and I was very defensive of 'my dad' on the court. Once a guy fouled you and I remember feeling very defensive inside.

You took Chalonn and I to our tumbling classes. You seemed very interested and proud of us. You were always at my city league basketball games and Church volleyball, softball, and basketball games. Even the time Chalonn and I made the amazing shot into the other teams basket, you cheered and laughed for us.

You constantly affirmed your love and honor for our Mother not only through telling us but also the loving affection with your kisses and adoring gazes and sentimental gifts to her.

You took Chalonn and I to pierce our ears. You bought us gerbils.

You took the older kids with you to Utah and Idaho when you were interviewing. I got sick while we were staying at Aunt Carol's house in Gunnison. You stayed with me in the bathroom while I was sick. I know you must have wished I hadn't come, but you nurtured me like Mom would have.

You loved good food. It was always fun to watch BYU games with you and eat chips and salsa in the living room. You hid good nuts and chocolates and the 'finer' delicacies in drawers and under your car seat.

As a teenage girl...

I remember you frosted our hair at home and bought us "Sun-In" for our trip to Oregon. You took us to Disneyland. You took us school shopping.

You said something to me once, just as I was starting to get interested in exercising with my first workout VHS with "Jenny Garth". You said, "Ya know, you could get a job teaching exercise classes someday...". And now, that's what I love to do!

You seemed so understanding when I crashed and totaled the little Geo with the help of Shabu.

I remember when I got my wisdom teeth removed and I fainted after getting out of the bath...Embarrassing.

You were an incredibly amazing Dad that late late night you drove me 20 miles back to Deerfield Beach to retrieve my new J.Crew blue tennis shoes that I sadly left after a teen-night out with friends.

You played, you laughed, you loved, you relished, you gave, you let us be children, you took every measure to ensure that we would have the sweetest, most happy childhood. I look back with pure joy in those treasured days with you at our home(s).

Shortly after I was married, I came home in May for Chelsea's funeral and I got to help you plant your summer flowers. After that day, I noticed one of the smaller diamonds from my wedding ring was missing. It's been 7 years and I still haven't replaced it, mostly because it reminds me of gardening with my Daddy and that we planted a diamond together.

Now that I am a parent...

I see so much more into those years you dedicated and sacrificed yourself for your children, for us. I have felt you and mom's love for me, and for us in every pregnancy, in every birth, in every smile and tear from my own children. I understand you more, Dad. I feel and see the years and years of your strength and honorable priesthood and fatherhood. And I feel so blessed and privileged to have you as my DAD. Thank you. I love you. Happy Father's Day.

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