Sunday, June 16, 2013

Did I learn anything? Hmmmm?

From the first Tiger's Blood to now, there are many stories and lessons I have listened to and learned from you! Some were interesting, strange, and others I would not really like to even think about. However the ones that stand out the most were the more spiritual and inspirational stories and lessons of your own personal view of life and what you learned...from what Grandma had told you. A lot of the time it may have appeared that I wasn't listening, too busy exploring the Tiger's Blood, but I was always listening to the stories of my family and the point of the story.
I remember of a more recent story that you told me, of unexpected change. You had said that you had experienced some of your own personal changes and that this one, in my own life would be one of the hardest ever. As soon as you started telling of your own unexpected changes, I knew "Oh shoot, we are moving!" At the time I hated the idea, but I had known that you were right. The look in your eyes told me that the spirit was only thing that could change my view point, the next morning I was caught looking out homes for sale by the Grandparents.
As I think back on that I have noticed multiple little bits of advice you have given me that really affected my life. A little course correction here and there that has bettered my life in many places. Even the stories that I try, REALLY HARD, to forge, are branded in my brain for a good reason. I may not know why and I am scared to ask why! But I'll keep looking for it.
And as to those who are reading this and are not David Alan Christensen, I would like to you know know, it sounds like an eulogy, but Grandpa is still alive, and is using his life the best way anyone could in 7 magical ways:
1. Wise in counsel
2. Using That (above)
3. Preparing all of us, for the life ahead 
4. Teaching and learning for us
5. Serving his children, and grandchildren
6. Serving his Wife
7. Serving the Lord

To sum it up, I have only lived about 7,626,257 minutes of my life and from what I have learned from Grandpa...I still have a LONG road ahead.

Sincerely your Grandson,
Superman...or Kimball

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