Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad. My Hero.

Gosh Dad. I feel a lump in my throat. I am feeling incredibly grateful for my Dad today and hope that I can find a way to express help you understand how deeply grateful I am for you and how much I love you. Thank you for all that you DID as our Dad. Thank you for those things that you DID NOT do. Thank you for giving so much. For sacrifiing so much. To be a little more specific, but maybe not so thorough...
....thank you for being my favorite TEACHER. I will always be grateful for and will remember being taught by my Dad. Family Home Evenings. Personal interviews. Dairy Queen dates. I remember laying on that old pink quilt for family home evenings and listening to your stories. I will always remember a particular FHE on the trampoline where you were especially firm on the topic of finding a good spouse, a husband who would treat me like a queen. That message never left me.
.....I always knew that i could go to you for sound ADVICE and WISDOM. I know that if I dug out my creed document from my Innervictory class, you would be on my board.
.....You found joy and excitement from PLANNING our summer vacations. We loved to load up in the car and go on adventures because you took the time to get us excited about it, to plan it out. To set a date. To plan out the fun details. I loved our summer trips....all cramped in the car....fighting over the back bed seat...packing up that brown game holder on the back of the seat...taking turns sitting in the front middle...listening to Bette Midler....staying up late watching you animatedly lead music and slapping yourself to keep you awake....I could not sleep....I somehow felt that it was my duty to stay awake and make sure that you did too even if I was a silent on looker.
......You made sure that we had TRADITIONS. And they were magical. Everything was perfect. We found comfort in the consistency. Our traditions draw our hearts to our family. Whether it was christmas sheets, throwing calendar papers in the fire on New Years, saturday night hamburgers or easter morning. You made it magical.
.....thank you for SUPPORTING me in my dreams. For coaching me in Jr. High when I wanted to make the bball team in highschool. for helping me find ways to improve. for letting me pray about my own decisions to quit vball or to hang up my bball shoes for student government. I always felt that you were cheering me on in my decisions.
.....You make things beatiful. I remember you always had a way of improving things, whether it was in our home or in our yard or frosting our hair. :) you love to create and I love trying to follow your example.
......thank you for teaching us hard work. I have happy memories of helping out in the yard on saturday mornings. thank you for giving me my first job washing your CES car and helping me put it on my first resume when you encouraged me to apply at Rays Chevron.
......something that I have noticed about you is that you don't speak ugly about others. You are slow to speak guile.
......Thank you for loving our Mom. She is your sweetheart and queen and its obvious. We always knew that you loved her and I always knew that i wanted to find someone who loves me the way you love mom.
Thank you for being one of my greasted heros. Thank you for wanting to be a father. For trying your hardest to be your best. Thank you for being patient when your teenage daughter called you out. :) Thank you for letting me spread my wings and fly. You are my hero. I am your biggest fan.
Happy Fathers Day!
Love, #6

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